Monday, July 10, 2017


For past month (or so) I have run across the same message over and over though my daily Bible reading, devotional books and prayer times...and that is God is always with us and he listens. Sometimes with so much going on and a person feel overwhelmed with life or the world...he thinks...God is with me, but not doing anything. Or I know God is with me and I know I will be ok..I just have to trust Him. As I said, this message, "God is with you and He listens" has been popping up a lot. Today, God gave me an example in my own life and in something my mom said years ago. First, when my husband died and I was feeling the overwhelming sadness a couple of days after the funeral, my dad showed up at my house. He just sat down and opened the book that he was reading at the time. He was just "there" but that was so comforting. It reminded me of my dad throughout my childhood when he was not at work, most of the time he would be sitting in his chair and reading. My dad was always "there" and that was a comfort to me my whole life. Things may have been going on in my life that were bothersome, but my dad was there and I knew I was going to be ok. My mom told me the story of when she was in labor with me. She's in labor (at home, before they went to the hosp) and my dad is sitting in his chair reading. She said it really helped that he was there being calm, and she knew she was going to be ok because the love of her life was sitting not too far away, ready to do whatever she needed him to do. (My dad said he read the same sentence about a 100 times....he was nervous, but didnt let mom know it) So, God sighting, God is with us, always. Just knowing he is with us through the good and the bad and it looks like he is not doing anything, he is there WITH US, and that is a comfort. Forgive me for writing so much....another God sighting when Paul (my husband now) was picking me up from TN after my daughter broke her ankle, on the ride home, the song "Even If" came on and Paul was singing along with the song, it said a lot to me. With all the turmoil in the world and, it seems God is not doing anything. God wants everyone to turn to Him. So he allows it. He also allows those who reject Him to just live in their sin...thats what they want. But with all this trouble in our world, we belong to HIM. We are HIS. Our hope is in HIM. Our trust is in HIM. Our hope is in HIM ALONE. (got off on a tangent....for a second) Paul was singing and it was perfect...peace...a turning point in my marriage. All is well. (for the most part ) 💖 God is good all the time. He cares.

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